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Chard (1964) Ltd
Chard 1964 Ltd is one of the best known precious metals dealers in the UK. They are at the forefront of educating the public on the importance of owning physical gold within any investment portfolio. Chard carries a comprehensive range of bullion bars and coins, as well as numismatic, collectible and rare coins.
Coin Dealers
This was their original business and one that still plays a large part in the day-to-day. Coins appeal to different people for different reasons, to some they are an interesting piece of history, to others a gift for a new born but whatever your reason they can make a nice collection or a unique gift.
Bullion Dealers
The term bullion is used to describe a precious metal bought primarily for its intrinsic value, and chard deal in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. It can be bought as bars, coins or rounds and they sell all three. As such, they also buy scrap gold at very competitive prices.

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