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Pattern Waxes and Utility Waxes for Invest
Our Investment Casting Waxes are utilized by foundries manufacturing with the lost wax process. We offer environmentally safe products and custom blending to meet your specific wax needs.
SaffroShine Organics is the leading Pattern Wax manufacturer in India. From last 15 years, SaffroShine is supplying Wax products to leading Investment Casting Industries in India and abroad.
SaffroShine Pattern Waxes are blends of different types of Natural Waxes, Synthetic Waxes. Polymers and Resins are sophisticated products formulated to meet the most demanding requirements of the Investment Casting Industries.
Ceramic core, Investment Casting, Pattern Wax Casting, Utility Waxes, Jewellery Investment Casting, Perfect Wax Patterns
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