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Unique, Originals and Handmade - Mymoderno
Embroidered cufflinks and jewels. Unique and high quality mens and womens fashion. Original clothing, shoes and accessories. Woodcarving and hand-made embroidery jewels. Handmade wicker basket and hand-made shoes and boots. High quality - sport and casual – mens and womens shirts. Hand made chess and antique wicker basket. Hand made gloves, knitted hat and wool socks. Hand crafted crochet toys – Freddie Mercury, Cat woman, Simon’s Cat. Authentic dresses and t-shirts – Superdry, Miss Sixty, Guess, Relish, Energie. Free international shipping. Choose quality over quantity.
handmade shoes, wooden relief saint george, crochet toy pippi longstocking, embroidered earrings, rustic chess, hand crafted gloves
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